MICROSCAN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED offers a variety of upgrades, whether it is simply re-arranging the equipment onsite or planning a network migration. The effective handling of repair services allows organisations and individuals alike to concentrate on core business issues, confident that first-class service is being offered to them. We have state-of-the-art repair workshops and with suppliers and manufacturers commitment to provide us with the best and latest I.T. products, spares and training, we are ideally placed to provide the highest quality of service. The key to our support service is flexibility and designing our services to precisely reflect your requirements.

Recognising the fast changing trends in I.T. globally, MICROSCAN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED endeavours to ensure that all the clients we serve keep abreast with such changes. The technologies we recommend are designed for localised application but also meet international standards thus allowing integration with the rest of the world particularly as relates to data transfer, security, speeds of connectivity and collaboration.

MICROSCAN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED conducts advanced testing and repair activities including testing, de-bugging and applying global engineering changes at our workshop. Our specialist technicians also do on-site services. Whether using consigned or purchased stock we conduct warranty validation, repair and test procedure, and thereafter report findings.

MICROSCAN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED draws its extensive multi-vendor experience, exclusively focused on I.T. systems, to support your business now and in the future. From this unique position we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the technical requirements and key operating issues surrounding multi-vendor and repair services, business continuity, data management and desktop management. Consistent manufacturer controls and business relationships guarantees that our work is unbiased and fully focused on helping you to achieve your goals.

One area that has been overlooked by a lot of organisations is the area of training. Many organisations priorities purchases of hardware and software without giving much consideration to computer training. Whereas it can be generally agreed that the greatest asset a company can have is its employees, little is done to improve their skills levels. MICROSCAN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED conducts computer training to staff and students both on-site and offsite using internationally recognised training methods. We first take the time to understand exactly what the client needs are before we recommend suitable training solutions that are cost-effective.

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